Marks of Spiritual Maturity – Part 1

My Brothers and Sisters, as I go through a period of rest, rejuvenation, and intimate time with God, my heart is still ministering to you, the household of faith. I’m praying for your spiritual maturity because it is God’s will that we all come to full maturity in Christ, and “Be conformed (grow) into the image of Christ”. Romans 8:29. The book of James gives us five marks of spiritual maturity. Today, and in the coming weeks, I will share some of those marks of Spiritual maturity.

Mark of Spiritual Maturity #1: Master your Mouth.

A mature Christian has mastered his or her mouth. “All of us make mistakes with our tongues. If someone doesn’t make any mistakes when he speaks, he would be perfect. He would be able to control everything he does” James 3: 2.

When you go for a checkup, your doctor says: “Stick out your tongue.” He uses your tongue to check your health. God checks your tongue to determine your spiritual health also. James gives us several characteristics of the tongue: “It’s like a bridle to a horse, a rudder to a ship, and a spark to a fire, …It is an uncontrollable evil filled with deadly poison” James 3:8. “If a person thinks that he is religious but can’t control his tongue, he is fooling himself. That person’s religion is worthless” James 1:26. Gossip, spreading rumors, and constant negative talk is a sign you’re immature in the faith.

Dear Saints, please continue to pray for my strength as I honor the Lord by caring for my personal temple. I pray that you continue to honor the Lord with the fruit of your lips and “Let your conversation always be full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to respond to everyone”. Colossians 4: 6

Pastor R. Mario Howell

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