Business of Discipleship

Dear Saints of God,

It’s time for us to be about the business of discipleship. When Jesus called His disciples, He gave them important commands:
Follow Me, establish discipling relationships and make other disciples. Those commands were also among Jesus’s last
instructions to His disciples (Matthew 28: 18-20) and important acts of love we can show to another person.

What is disciple-making and how can we, as disciples of Christ, obey the command? It’s simply this: helping someone to place his
or her faith in Christ, form a life around Him, and become more like Him. Often, we use “churchy” terms like evangelism,
conversion, and sanctification to explain our purpose and intent. But it all boils down to “making disciples”.

 There are four essentials of discipling others.

·       The Word of God: The scripture teaches us what God wants us to know, do and be.

·        The People of God: We have an obligation to focus on relationships that help people to be disciples and make disciples.

·        The Spirit of God: The transforming power of God’s Spirit working in us makes us sensitive to discipling opportunities.

·        The Priority of Jesus: Discipling others is the priority of Christ and should be our mission and focus.

Every potential disciple needs someone to guide him/her. Examine your discipleship=making method against the 4 essentials and ask
God to help you to be more intentional in reaching others for Christ.


Pastor R. Mario Howell

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