A Commitment to Obey (Daniel 6: 5 – 28)

It’s easy to rationalize making choices to please ourselves or others, but the wise choice is always God’s will. We’ll all encounter times when we
feel pressured to act outside of God’s will. Perhaps the boss tells us to act dishonestly, or a friend pressures us to join in sinful behavior. Maybe a family member urges us to lie on his or her behalf. Saying no could bring rejection or even the end of a valuable relationship. On the other hand, going along with the situation would break God’s commands and compromise our Christian witness.

Daniel found himself in such a predicament when officials of King Darius set a trap for him…prohibiting him from worshipping his God and only
worshipping King Darius (Dan. 6:7). Daniel courageously “went home to his upstairs room where the windows opened toward Jerusalem and prayed to his God” (v. 10). As a punishment for disobeying the king, Daniel was thrown into a den of lions. The next morning, King Darius was relieved that Daniel had been protected, and decreed that all his subjects “must fear and reverence” the God of Daniel. (v. 26).

What is our responsibility when we are tempted to compromise our Christian witness? Our responsibility is to trust and obey the Lord. Daniel’s
faithfulness resulted in royal favor and honor to God (v. 26). This lesson might also be a reminder of how the obedience of our Lord and Savior,
Jesus Christ led to the cross, God’s glorification and our salvation. When we obey, the consequences may vary, but two things are always the same: Our obedience glorifies and pleases our Heavenly Father.


Pastor R. Mario Howell

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