Communion: A Powerful Symbol of Remembrance

Read Mark 14: 12-26. What makes a gift good or memorable? It definitely has to be thought through. It more than likely came at a high cost, either financially or in time spent. It has to meet a specific need or desire to have the intended impact. Every time we think about that gift, it brings back the joy we felt and reminds us of the sacrifice the giver made for us.

No gift can out measure the weight, importance, and sacrifice of Jesus’ death on the cross. When we celebrate communion, or the Lord’s Supper, we remember the gift of salvation Jesus gave each one of us.

In Mark 14:24, Jesus explains that this meal was about to mark the start of a new covenant between God and His people. Before Jesus’ death, generations of Jews sacrificed animals at the temple to pay for their sin. Jesus’ sacrifice paid the penalty for sin once and for all, and that’s why we celebrate communion today.

When we take communion, it symbolizes the sacrifice Jesus made on our behalf. The wine and the bread in communion represent the blood and body of Jesus that was poured out and broken as a sacrifice for our gift of salvation.

Just like some gifts will always remind us of where we were when we received them, communion reminds us of where we were when we met Jesus.


Pastor R. Mario Howell

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