Lessons The Storms of Life Can Teach Us

We’ve seen some massive rainstorms over the last month with more in the forecast. Rain and wind brought down trees and rendered homes and businesses without power. Houses floated like toys in a river and precious lives were lost.

Regardless of how spiritual we are, none of us want to go through a storm. Not just rain and windstorms, but storms in our finances, storms in our jobs, and storms in our families. If only the days could be all sunshine and clear skies. Those are the kinds of days we pray for. The truth is:…storms are vital for our growth. God uses difficulty not only to reveal Himself, but to shape us to become more like Christ. It’s not just that storms teach. It’s that there are lessons we can only understand in a storm.

Three Lessons the Storms of Life Can Teach Us.
1-Storms can teach us to be grateful and look for God’s goodness even when circumstances are hard. Phil 4: 11-13.
2-Storms can teach us real joy in the midst of our trials, not after they have been resolved. Phil 4: 4.
3-Storms can teach us real peace…peace that transcends all understanding. Phil 4: 7.


Pastor R. Mario Howell

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